Voters Reject All 3 Statewide Measures and More 2021 Election Results

Colorado voters chose not to advance any of the statewide ballot measures this election, rejecting Amendment 78, which needed 55% to win, and Proposition 119 and 120, which both needed 50% plus one vote. The Chamber supported Proposition 119 and opposed Amendment 78 and Proposition 120.

  • Chamber opposed Amendment 78 and it failed 44% to 56%. Custodial funds will not need legislative appropriation and lawmakers will not be required to vote on how to allocate dollars received by the state.
  • Chamber supported Proposition 119 and it failed 46% to 54%. The state will not create a program that would provide access to out-of-classroom learning opportunities like tutoring and mentorships to Colorado students and marijuana taxes will not be increased.
  • Chamber opposed Proposition 120 and it failed 43% to 57%. Commercial and residential property tax rates will not be reduced.

Voters approved portions of the City of Denver’s $450 million bond package, measures 2A through 2D. They rejected 2E, the $190 million arena at the National Western Center by a 41% to 59% vote. The Chamber supported all bond package measures.

Denver voters also rejected Denver Ordinance 304, which would have capped the city and county’s aggregate sales and use tax at 4.5%. The measure failed 34% to 62%. The Chamber opposed Denver Ordinance 304.

Overall voter turnout was below recent off-year elections in Colorado with just 1.2 million ballots cast statewide by 5 p.m. on Tuesday. The turnout was around 29%, with some election-day ballots still being counted. In 2019, about 40% of voters participated in the election, and in 2017, around 33% of all voters cast a ballot.

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