The Passing of Former President and CEO Joe Blake

Joe Blake

We were saddened to learn about the passing of Joe Blake, former Denver Metro Chamber president and CEO. Here is a statement from J. J. Ament, friend of Joe and president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.

Joe Blake was one of the best among us – and with a really interesting and pretty cool background. I mean, who goes from FBI agent to real estate developer to chancellor of a university? And throw in Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce CEO along the way. I’ve never met another who had Joe’s mastery of vocabulary. I’m convinced Webster’s called him a few times to see what they’d missed in their latest edition. In a battle of wits, you wanted to be on Joe’s side every time.

He was so well read and such a buff of history – that there was little he couldn’t speak with authority about – and yet Joe had a knack for making others heard and lifting up those who worked with and around him.

He really dedicated his whole life to making this community better. The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce family is so sorry to lose Joe Blake, but so grateful and proud of his service to us and to all of Colorado.