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Summer in Colorado

Colorado is a summer destination where people from all over the world visit to see our beautiful Rocky Mountains and enjoy our arts and culture venues from Red Rocks to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Take advantage of what Colorado has to offer this summer and enjoy the sunshine. Here are just a … Read Post

2018 Legislative Recap

The Chamber identified key priorities for the 2018 legislative session, from expanding the uses for reclaimed water to promoting more workforce development opportunities for youth. Perhaps the biggest win came during the last week of the session, when legislators reached a compromise on Colorado PERA, the state employee’s retirement program – an issue that we … Read Post

8 Free Marketing Resources for Your Biz

In the marketing world things are always evolving – from the most-loved social platform to the average length of a video. But you don’t have to go through all of these changes alone (or spend a ton of money)! We compiled our favorite free marketing resources to make your day-to-day tasks easier and more efficient. … Read Post

Summer Reading List

The summer offers plenty of time to catch up on a good book, whether that’s at the pool, on a plane or over lunch. We asked the consultants at our affiliate, the Denver Metro Small Business Development Center, to share their favorite business books, from entrepreneurship to leadership. We hope you add these business books … Read Post

Workplace Tips for Increasing Meeting Productivity

In theory, workplaces should be productivity powerhouses – where boxes are checked, goals are met and results are made. But too often, people in those workplaces lose sight of what’s important and become filled with meaningless routine activities: meetings held without agendas and reports developed without purpose. Left unchecked, extreme oversight can risk losing sight of … Read Post

8 Summer Tips to Productivity

Summer is a time for sunshine, vacations and yes, even work! And as temperatures rise, productivity often decreases at work – in fact 25 percent of workers feel less productive from June to August. We asked our Chamber Ambassadors – members who donate their time and talent to educate members about the Chamber and foster … Read Post

Leadership Roundtable

On Entrepreneurship, Mentors and Being the Only Woman in the Room “Apparently today is the day women took over.” That comment from Chamber President and CEO Kelly Brough was greeted by laughter and cheers as she introduced four women who run their own companies and lead at the Chamber and its affiliates – something that’s … Read Post