Protecting CO’s Health Care

Our ability to find common ground with unlikely partners is one of the things that makes our region so successful. It was instrumental in defeating Amendment 69 this fall by nearly 80 percent, and in recent weeks, we reconvened many of the partners from that successful No on Amendment 69 coalition to again tackle changes in our health care system. This time we gathered to help form the Colorado Health Policy Coalition, which is focused on proactively positioning Colorado to help shape the upcoming federal conversation about the future of health care in America.

In the first days of January, Congress and the incoming presidential administration began conversations to unwind the Affordable Care Act. The goal of the Colorado Health Policy Coalition, which includes more than 100 organizations and individuals, is to urge Congress to develop a comprehensive and thoughtful health care framework before taking action to repeal the nation’s current health care policies. We know our businesses need stability to be successful. A repeal without a replacement creates unpredictability in our state for our business community, our workers and families – so many of whom have spent time and money to align with the Affordable Care Act.

Together with health care providers, consumers, disability and advocacy groups from across the political spectrum and all parts of the state, we developed a set of clear principles on both the process Congress follows to bring about these changes and the policy they ultimately adopt. Last week, we shared our position through a letter delivered to Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado’s entire congressional delegation and our state legislature.

It’s clear that Coloradans come together to do what’s best for our state. Our hope is that we can be an example for lawmakers locally and at the federal level of how thoughtful compromise can be reached. Bringing together people of geographic, political and professional diversity forces us to look at an issue from multiple perspectives and reach agreement that benefits the most Coloradans.

Read the coalition’s letter here and check out media coverage from the Denver Business Journal and the Grand Junction Sentinel.

We know we can improve health care in our country and we’re hopeful you’ll join the conversation with us as our state grapples with how best to do so.

Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.