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In 1727, Ben Franklin started a “mutual improvement club,” which he called a Junto. None of you will be surprised to hear that I had to look that word up. The definition of Junto is a group of people drawn together for a common purpose. And, like you I thought: What the … That’s the Chamber and our affiliates.
Our good friend Ben’s Junto had people from different occupations and backgrounds – who saw the world differently. But, they all shared a spirit of curiosity and a desire to improve themselves, their community and the people around them. And, one of our affiliates, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, devotes itself to this pursuit by educating and inspiring people who want to make a difference as leaders in the community.

Each spring the Leadership Foundation hosts an inspiring event, the Leading Colorado luncheon, to talk about leadership by recognizing people making an impact in our region. Leadership is a big word – one that can mean something different to each of us. Our Leadership Foundation took the challenge to create a definition of leadership for our region that is not just WHAT we do but about HOW we do it. It’s those values of how we work as a community – Colorado’s Civic DNA™ – that truly set us apart. Here’s what community leaders told them matters to us as a region: we value leaders who are inclusive, collaborative, visionary, share power and take responsibility.

And, in partnership with 9NEWS, the Leadership Foundation honors a Colorado leader who exhibits these traits and has had extraordinary impact in our community – the 9NEWS Leader of the Year.

This year’s nominees are three outstanding leaders:

  • Stephanie Donner, chief legal and people officer of Galvanize
  • Greg Greenwood, co-founder and CEO of Colorado Thought Leaders Forum and executive director of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado
  • James Iacino, president and CEO of Seattle Fish Co.

Meet the finalists.

At the Leading Colorado luncheon on March 21, you’ll meet these leaders and learn more about their impact. But you will also join a room of incredible leaders throughout Colorado.

Join us there.

And, if you’re an alumni of a Leadership Foundation program (such as Impact Denver, Leadership Denver, Access Denver, Colorado Experience or Leadership Exchange) you can help choose the Leader of the Year.

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Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.