Ensuring Every Coloradan Has a Voice

After a lot of work, our unaffiliated voters will for the first time in Colorado’s history be able to participate in the primary elections in June. Chamber members challenged us more than four years ago to get this done and helped lead the effort.

Why do we care so deeply about this issue? For a lot of reasons. First, it’s about fairness. Unaffiliated voters make up our largest bloc – totaling nearly 1.2 million Coloradans – and their voices should be heard. Second, we know that when everybody is engaged, we make better decisions. We believe that is true in our election process as well. Third, more elected officials will be rewarded, instead of penalized, for finding solutions and crossing the aisle to get things done.

And in 2016, Coloradans agreed with us when they passed Proposition 108 by 53 percent and opened primaries to unaffiliated voters.

Colorado has one of the highest percentages of registered voters in the country and one of the strongest voter turnouts at our general elections – we hope to see the same turnout now at our primary elections in June.

Here’s how unaffiliated voters can participate in the June primary:

  • You can choose the ballot you want – either Democrat or Republican – online at uchoose.co.gov. It will be mailed to you and you fill it out like you would for a general election mail ballot.
  • If you don’t choose a party ballot prior to the election, you’ll receive both ballots. But, you cannot vote both ballots. You must choose one; otherwise, both ballots will be invalid.
  • Regardless of which party ballot you choose, you will not be affiliated with that party and will be able to choose which ballot you want in future primaries as well.

If you are affiliated with a party, you will receive your party’s ballot just like you have in past years.

What’s most important is that you VOTE. So, if you are aren’t currently registered to vote, you can sign up here.

Democracy works best when everyone is engaged – so everybody vote in the June primary elections.

Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.