Healthy Minds, Healthy Workforce

We’re home to one of the smartest, healthiest workforces in the country – it’s a huge competitive advantage. We are home to the country’s leanest workforce and most active adults. But when we talk about our health, we often only think in terms of our physical well-being. We know our mental health is just as important. And, the facts about our mental health are not as good as our physical health.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, one in five adults experience a mental illness, leading to an estimated loss of 200 million workdays – those lost days are a big impact to both our organizations and our teams. When we look at some of the facts about our state, the cost of not addressing our mental needs is even more stark – Colorado has the country’s ninth highest suicide rate. Overdose deaths last year were the most our state has ever recorded. And, 85 percent of those with addictions in Colorado aren’t getting the help they need, and most are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Given that October 10 is World Mental Health Day, we realized this was a good time to ensure you knew about available resources:

The CU Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center leads trainings on stress management, self-care and mindfulness or can break the ice with a conversation about mental health 101 – and these are often free of charge or at a low cost. You can learn more about their offerings at coloradodepressioncenter.org.

The Mental Health Center of Denver offers Mental Health First Aid, with the goal of making this kind of first aid as common as CPR, equipping people with the skills needed to help a person in crisis get the appropriate care.

Some employers offer their teams access to mental health services through an employee assistance program or as part of their health care benefits – ask your employer or HR director if you have access to mental health services.

Face It TOGETHER just opened its flagship coaching center in Denver, providing in-person and virtual coaching for people living with addiction as well as for their loved ones.

For immediate support, you can call 1-844-493-TALK or visit letstalkco.org anytime.

Please help us ensure we spread the word on these valuable resources to ensure we are all getting the support we need.

Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.