Businesses: Adapt to the New Digital Frontier

Technology is changing how consumers engage with companies. With each new smartphone, streaming device or social media platform, there’s a new opportunity for companies to connect with their target market. To stay engaged with their customers, companies need to discover where they are and how they can captivate them in a digital landscape that is constantly evolving.

At a recent Gold Program — an educational series offered exclusively to Chamber Gold members —Telemundo Denver shared their insights into the new digital media landscape and how companies can tap into a market they may not have considered: the Hispanic population.

Meet your audience where they are.

Consumers have options in the way they engage, as a business you need to find how to engage with them that’s easy and accessible to the consumer. Provide them with content and convenience every step of the way.

“If you give an individual the option of convenience, they’re going to take it nine times out of 10,” said Pierre Megherdichian, digital sales leader for NBCU Owned TV Stations.

How can companies connect to their audience? Authentic content. In today’s digital landscape consumers want to see authentic and relatable content.

“Content is king, and content will always be king,” Megherdichian said.

Market across platforms.

When brands market across a variety of platforms, they can increase their brand engagement and sales – brands awareness increases by 28 percent and sales increase by 16 percent. How? By connected with your audience at different touch points along the way. Megherdichian noted that you’re three times more likely to hit your key performance indicators when you cross-promote. You’re increasing your accessibility to your consumer. And, if you add a creative content strategy you’ll be sure to leave your mark.

“With accessibility and creativity, you can make lemons out of lemonade,” Megherdichian said.

Explore new audiences.

Denver’s Hispanic population is growing and so is their consumer spending.

“The amount of dollars passing through the Hispanic market is staggering – they’re growing the non-Hispanic market,” said Drew Wilson, national sales manager for Telemundo Denver.

If it’s not a market you are considering, it should be. The Hispanic population will continue to grow and increase their consumer spending – by 2022 consumer spending is expected to grow an additional 22 percent.

Want to learn more about the new digital landscape? Check out the presentation slides  from Gold Program.

Laura James is the senior marketing and communications specialist for the Denver Metro Chamber.