Int’l Biz and CO

We have been working hard to expand international trade opportunities for our members. It’s why we have supported Denver International Airport as they have grown to 26 nonstop international flights, and in total serve 214 nonstop destinations across the world. Those flights allow us to do more business globally and are crucial for our region and state’s success.

We have that same appreciation for the countries with whom we share a border – Mexico and Canada.

As a matter of fact, Canada and Mexico are Colorado’s two largest trade partners, totaling exports of $2.7 billion – representing almost one-third of Colorado’s $8 billion-plus in exports sent around the globe, ranging from electronics to beef.

That trade supports 221,600 jobs in Colorado and exposes our companies to a global business environment that helps grow our businesses, makes us more economically savvy and joneses our competitive edge.

So, you can imagine when issues arise at our border – whether economic or humanitarian – we pay attention as business leaders. What we’re witnessing at the U.S.-Mexico border is a crisis, straining government and nonprofit resources. We know our help is needed, too – it will take all three sectors to address these issues.

This Wednesday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is supporting a private sector coordination call hosted by Save the Children. You can join on the call at 1 p.m. to hear directly from leaders who have visited the transit shelters and learn more about how Colorado businesses can help.

Thank you for all you do as business leaders for our state and our country.

Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.