What Makes Someone a Leader?

When we think about what makes someone a leader, sometimes what comes to mind is a title or a credential or an award. But leadership – and the power to lead – isn’t about position or power; it is something we can expect from every single one of us. In the video below, you’ll hear about three people who chose to lead in very different ways but all were so impactful. Watch to see who I’m talking about – this video was produced thanks to the generosity of Comcast.

Many of us are always looking for how we can improve our leadership. I hope you will consider the programs offered by our Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation to support your desire to become a more impactful leader. These programs create an environment that will enhance your curiosity, challenge your thinking, provide insight into other world views and support your personal and professional growth.


Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber.