With Gratitude

I don’t know how to begin – so let me just say it. I am writing to let you know that I have decided to transition from the Chamber. It’s been both an honor and a challenge to work on your behalf these past 12 years and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity and support.

I started at the Chamber in 2009 with the desire to work for an organization that aligned with my personal belief that there is nothing more powerful at advancing opportunities for families than a really good job. That belief aligned perfectly with the work of the Chamber and its affiliates. Together with so many of you, we have accomplished so much and positioned this organization for the important work ahead.

It is impossible to list all that we have accomplished together these past dozen years. I have learned from each of you – what makes your company work, what causes you concern, how much you care about your teams, what you hope for your kids and how much you love this region, this state and your community. I am a better person because of the members of this organization. What you reminded me of again and again is that we are not only stronger together; we are smarter together. Truth be told, I have shared and implemented every idea (bad and good) I’ve had, and it’s time for somebody who can see challenges and opportunities with fresh eyes to lead the work. And, I know with your support and commitment, we will only continue to accomplish great things together.

I don’t know what I will do next, but it will likely have me focused on two issues I care deeply about: housing and education. These issues are fundamental to helping families succeed. We have such serious challenges in these areas, so I am drawn to them. That said, I promise to keep you informed as my plans develop. And, mostly I promise to find ways to work with many of you still.

I met with the Executive Committee of the Board earlier this week and they plan to begin the search process immediately. They will share more details with all of you as they prepare the timeline. I have committed to stay through Sept. 1 to ensure a smooth transition while also making sure I’m out of the way for the new President & CEO.

So, we will have many opportunities still to share memories and express gratitude.

I truly look forward to that,
Kelly J. Brough
President and CEO
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce