Defining Success and Business on His Own Terms

“We only enjoy the stars because they lead us out of the darkness.” It’s a phrase that Joshua Hunt, founder and CEO of TRELORA and the 2018 9NEWS Leader of the Year has gravitated toward lately. Hunt was in the dark not too long ago. From the outside, he had it all: a great family … Read Post

Enhancing the Entertainment Experience for Everyone

Did you know many of our now-common technologies, like the typewriter, were initially developed as tools to help with accessibility and communication? As entrepreneurs, creators and civic leaders, we can take the opportunity to view accessibility as a component of innovation by thinking outside of the box and beyond our current audiences to develop technologies … Read Post

Investing in Transportation

For several months, the Chamber has been working with a large coalition of partners from across the state to file language for a November ballot issue asking Coloradans to invest in our transportation infrastructure through an increase in sales tax. Why do we need to invest? Colorado has critical needs that have gone unmet for … Read Post

Metro Denver EDC Leads on Amazon HQ2 Proposal

We learned in mid-January that the Denver metro area is one of 20 sites that Amazon is considering – down from 238 proposals – for its second North American corporate headquarters and soon after hosted the 10-person Amazon HQ2 team in Colorado. Leading Colorado’s sole response to the initial request for proposal for Amazon HQ2, … Read Post

Tech Plants Seed to Grow in Ag Industry

The agriculture industry  may be the last great digital frontier. It is the least digitized industry in the U.S. at a time when even the metrics for measuring tech adoption will be out of date the next day, according to a McKinsey Global Institute report. But, on the other side of the coin, those working … Read Post

Keeping Our Members Connected

Did you know that more than 40,000 come people through the Chamber doors every year? What we love is that these are people from all three sectors (public, private and nonprofit) from around the region, country and even the world. That means there are a lot of opportunities for all of us to learn from … Read Post

Drinking to Success: Beverage Production in CO

Craft culture has created a revolution in the beverage industry – and that has led to its resurgence as a major job creator in our region. Adding nearly 1,600 jobs over five years, beverage production was among the region’s five-fastest growing industries in 2015, with a 5.2 percent employment expansion. Colorado ranks second in the U.S. for employment concentration, according to the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation (Metro Denver … Read Post