Prosperity for All of Denver

You earn more over the course of your lifetime, you are less likely to be unemployed and your children have better health and educational outcomes when you achieve post-secondary credentials. That means when you earn a certificate, an associate degree, finish an apprenticeship program or have a bachelor’s degree you prosper – and so does … Read Post

These 5 Tech Leaders Are Working to Connect Communities

A costume dance party at Denver’s Fort Greene Bar brought to an end one of the best weeks of the year: Denver Startup Week. For five days, from sunup to sundown, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders came together to spur one another on toward better Denver businesses. 200 free events – ranging from seminars to … Read Post

Denver Businesses Discover the Value of Opportunity Youth

Would you let a teenager design your company’s new logo? When the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce took on the Denver Opportunity Youth Initiative to connect businesses with opportunity youth, we knew that internships and experiential learning opportunities would help students and employers think differently about how we learn and how Colorado builds its talent … Read Post

This Week in Policy: State Budget Finalized

On Wednesday, the joint budget committee resolved gaps between the House and Senate-approved state budget proposals and finalized the nearly $26 billion state budget for the fiscal year that will start on July 1. The Chamber has been following the budget talks closely, and $150 million in funding for transportation will be included in the … Read Post

This Week In Policy: Slowing Growth In Latest Economic Outlook

This week the Chamber’s Legislative Policy Committee heard directly from Henry Sobanet, the director of the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting on the most recent economic outlook for the state. Published last Friday, the report shows scaled-back growth of the economy. It is estimated state revenue will grow just 1.5 percent this fiscal … Read Post