Join Us in Encouraging Coloradans to Get Vaccinated

For over a year, we’ve been wearing masks, social distancing and staying home as much as possible – all with the focus on protecting others. Now, millions of Coloradans are getting vaccinated. The vaccine represents an end to this pandemic and the opportunity for Coloradans to get back to work and grow our economy.

In partnership with Chamber member SE2, we want you to join us in encouraging Coloradans to get vaccinated. Download the “V campaign,” a suite of graphics in English and Spanish, that you can:

  • Print to display in your business or on your products.
  • Share on social media.
  • Include in your emails and on your website.

We encourage all our members to connect a graphic with the reasons they got vaccinated. See below for examples.

I got the vaccine so I can:

  • Get back to networking in person.
  • Help my patients.
  • Teach my students.
  • Be on the worksite with my team.
  • See my clients again.

A special thank you to SE2 for making these graphics available to our members! We’re excited to see how you use them. For more COVID-19 resources and information, visit

Download the graphics

Colorado Launches CLIMBER Fund to Help Small Businesses

Speaking of COVID-19 resources, the Colorado Department of Treasury, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade launched a new fund last week to help small businesses through 2023. The Colorado Loans for Increasing Mainstreet Business and Economic Recovery (CLIMBER) fund will provide loans from $30,000 to $500,000 at below-market interest rates and with a one-year deferred payment option. Special consideration will be made for businesses in rural, distressed and underserved areas, including communities with low to moderate incomes.

The CLIMBER fund is possible through a bill passed during the 2020 legislative session that the Chamber supported. The bill established the $250 million program with an oversight board and funding from state and private investors.

This great example of a public-private partnership is an incredible resource to businesses with five to 99 employees that are focused on recovering, creating jobs and rebuilding Colorado’s economy. Employers that are interested should apply through participating lenders. To learn more, visit

Members Kept Us in Business During Pandemic

We’re always thankful for our members. The last year has really shown us how much you come together especially during challenging times to support our economy, our community – and most definitely the Chamber. Just like many of you, we had to change directions quickly when the pandemic hit to make sure we were still providing the value and benefits you expect from us every day. As we look back over the last year or so, there are a few of you who we want to recognize.

Perhaps nobody’s job changed more than our events team, which immediately jumped into action to bring our events to you at home. They couldn’t have done it without CEAVCO and Comcast. Both companies turned our in-person events into engaging video productions that we could bring directly to your homes and offices. On that note, Footers Catering & Events, KM Concessions and Occasions Catering helped us find innovative ways to serve you for events like Boots ‘n Business and the 2021 Business Awards.

In addition to video production, our Trustee Comcast has helped thousands of us stay connected as we work from home. Our ability to stay close and be productive really depended on the great service that so many of us receive from Comcast, AT&T and Xcel Energy.

Now, as our team returns to the office and we prepare to welcome you back to our building, we’ve tapped into the expertise of OfficeScapes to help us safely and smartly make this transition. Also, thank you to all our furniture providers, like Workplace Resource, who have been thinking about how we can create the best workplace environment for teams across our state.

About that team – our Chamber staff has done a tremendous job over the last year. I’m grateful for all our teammates who showed just how innovative and collaborative they can be in the face of challenge. Every employee put in the hard work during a challenging time to serve you. It’s been fun to see the pets and kids wander in on these Zoom calls, but I’ll really enjoy finally seeing these employees in person. I want to give a special shout-out to the communications and marketing staff who kept the lines of communication open with you, bringing you the most up-to-date resources and information to help your businesses navigate the pandemic.

And of course, thank you to all our 3,000 members – You are the key to putting more Coloradans to work!

Together, we are building an economy that works for everybody.

Kelly Brough is the president and CEO of the Denver Metro Chamber