Navigating Health Care

Navigating the world of health care and insurance is a challenge for all of us. Whether you’re just trying to find coverage or attempting to use it – our investors have been clear about how confusing and how costly it is. We want to be a resource to help you better meet your health care … Read Post

Addiction: A Hidden Epidemic in the Workplace

Whether you work at a company with 50 employees or 5,000, you have colleagues impacted by alcohol or other drug addiction. Many employers believe that addiction doesn’t affect their business because they have a highly educated workforce or they drug test. With almost 10 percent of adults suffering from addiction, and at least three or … Read Post

How to Slow the Cost of Health Care

We know health care is a major concern for our members. In fact, we heard directly from dozens of Chamber members who last winter participated in focus groups about how the cost of health care is impacting them as employers and employees, their families, their colleagues and their companies. What we learned from our members … Read Post

Healthy Minds, Healthy Workforce

We’re home to one of the smartest, healthiest workforces in the country – it’s a huge competitive advantage. We are home to the country’s leanest workforce and most active adults. But when we talk about our health, we often only think in terms of our physical well-being. We know our mental health is just as … Read Post

The New Imperative: Integrating Mental Health in Employee Wellness Programs

As an employer, if you had the opportunity to significantly increase productivity while reducing costs by investing in your employees, would you turn a blind eye? Consider the new imperative for employers—integrating mental health in employee wellness programs. Why? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognize mental illness as a major public health … Read Post

State of Corporate Philanthropy in Colorado

Any economy is only a strong as it’s community. Our businesses are committed to ensuring Colorado’s nonprofit sector is strong, too. That’s why we joined with B:CIVIC, DaVita, TIAA and the University of Denver last year to actually start measuring that commitment and show how business is impacting our state through giving. And, the results … Read Post