Prepare and Protect Your Business

What could happen to your business is often unpredictable, but how you prepare can help you be ready for anything. The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce recently joined with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to talk about creating safe, secure workplaces. Though this was planned before the heart-breaking losses in Las Vegas, it is a reminder of the … Read Post

Don’t Let Stress Weigh You Down

Do you feel the pressure of your job dragging you down? Don’t let work become a negative weight on your shoulders. We asked Mental Health America of Colorado how to prevent burnout at work. What is burnout? Burnout is a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that is caused by excessive and prolonged stress that can … Read Post

Entrepreneurs: Work Out More Than Your Business Plan

When it comes to your business plan, you are constantly looking for ways to get it in better shape—tightening your financials or finding new markets to target —but have you ever considered how your health can affect your business? Exercising can improve your health while improving your business. Check out these three tips for how … Read Post

Maintaining a Healthy Workforce

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that a focus of our work is on health and wellness until we point out the connection between a successful company and a healthy workforce. Research tells us that healthy employees are less absent, more productive, innovative and creative. So, having the leanest and most active workforce in the … Read Post

This Week in Policy

Chamber Opposes Repeal of Health Exchange Earlier this month, the Chamber joined more than 100 organizations in asking incoming federal leadership to be thoughtful about their approach to health care reform and to not repeal the Affordable Care Act before a replacement option is determined. We feel that repealing the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange, as … Read Post

Protecting CO’s Health Care

Our ability to find common ground with unlikely partners is one of the things that makes our region so successful. It was instrumental in defeating Amendment 69 this fall by nearly 80 percent, and in recent weeks, we reconvened many of the partners from that successful No on Amendment 69 coalition to again tackle changes … Read Post

Notable Systems Uses Tech to Provide Personal Touch

Health care has changed dramatically over the last decade, from the way it’s received to how it’s paid for – and technology is a huge part of that evolution. Chamber member Notable Systems, Inc. is bringing easy-to-use technology to doctors, nurses and the patients they serve. We sat down with Notable Systems President John Huggins … Read Post